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We always photograph the wedding days of our beautiful couples professionally, with high sense for detail and colours but first of all with love. Noone is just the next one in the line for us. Photography is our most beloved hobby of all. :)


There are no limits when it comes to beautiful and sensual photographs that would make a woman or her partner happy. Neither age nor build play an important role - every girl or lady can have exquisite photographs where she will love herself. 


Women portraits are our favorite ones. With us every delicate soul can become a fairy in flowers, in the wood or at the water. Tough lady can have photo with graffiti or her motorbike instead or it is possible to take away just a simple classic portrait. We are up for everything. :)

Portrait woman

It does not matter how long has the couple been together - if just a few weeks, months, years or even decades... It is always nice to have the chance to capture the love between them and to create some really nice memory for them.


We love to think up various creative projects and then based on our carefully prepared concepts, we shoot unique request photos that not everyone has. Miracles simply happen and it is possible to be (with) anyone, or (with) anything, anywhere... :)


These photo shoots always warm up ones hearth - be it playful games of a little one or that of older siblings, enchanting moments of happiness of parents with their children, or multi-generational family photo shoots with grandparents and pets.  


Jihlava Třebíč Chotěboř Pelhřimov Nové Město na Moravě Žďár nad Sázavou Ledeč nad Sázavou Vysočina

wedding photographer photo English speaking portrait woman portraiture glamour boudoir professional photography family families fotomanipulation fotomontage pregnancy newborn gift voucher photo shoot

If we have already been part of couple's wedding day or we have met them during pregnancy or some other photo shoot, and now they would also like to have newborn pictures from us, we are always happy to do the photo shoot in their home. 


Every future mum is different. So, this life period very often brings many different types of photoshoots - and that's fun. :) Some women prefer casual photos, other sexy sensual glamour pictures, or gentle couple photos or cheerful family ones.   


Landscapes, nature, macro... all this brought us slowly to portrait and reportage photography. If you love to take a look at some beautiful sunsets or flowers etc., you are cordially invited to glance into this older gallery with pictures from our beginnings.  

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