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Always with love...

Hi all,

Greetings from Mira and Zuzka :)


We both love photography. Mira started with nature and landscape photography, Zuzka was more interested in macro and details and none of us let our cameras to rest during our common vacations.


Then, Mira graduated and to reward himself, he bouht a "better" camera. It made nice portraits and so it began. :) His first model was Zuzka, yet, to make it more interesting, we started to do TFP photoshoots with other models as well. Of course weddings, families, couples and many new cameras followed... :)


Photoshooting became one of our common hobbies and most of our free time is devoted to photography. We both are photographing, Mira looks for interesting locations is the main editor, Zuzka takes care of our website and social media, projects, MUAH.


We are always glad if we can make others happy with our photos so if you are interested to have photos from us, do not hesitate to contact us. :)


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